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Hunter Bryce

Posted on: June 18, 2009 12:22 am

So I was reading Sports Illustrated the other day and this was the issue where Hunter Bryce, the next prodigy, of baseball had a large article on him.  It said he hits 570 foot home runs, throws 96 mph, has a bat speed faster than Mark Macguire in his prime among many other things.  Then the magazine makes a comparison of Hunter to Lebron James.  However, basebal is not the same as basketball, sure the NBA has bigger, faster, and stronger players, but this is baseball.  Try going from little high school pitchers throwing maybe low ninties with a decent duce and possibly a third pitch that is okay at best.  Then if this kid plays for the MLB next season, even in the low minor leagues the pitchers are really good compared to High School pitchers.  So, calling this guy the next Lebron James is an overstatment becuase I believe we all know the problems with these predictions as they never turn out how they seem.  What do you think about the kid...he is good but how good can he be? 

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